Trips in reverse chronological order. The most recent appears at top.



2021 Summary:

  • Mostly cooped in SW BC due to the pandemic
  • Phyllis’ Engine (5.9+)
  • Only 1 trip to Rockies – Mt. Louis and Mt. Birdwood
  • New Route on Robertson Peak
  • Most amount of peaks bagged – about 190
  • 2021 Archive

2020 Summary:

  • First time in South America – climbed 5 ultras over 6000 m, including Ojos del Salado, second highest in South America
  • Finished the 11,000ers list 58/58 on Lyell IV
  • 10-day traverse across Clendinning Range in South Coast, ascents of Tinniswood and Boardman
  • Judge Howay
  • Bagging the 1000th peaks, at time only 27 years old
  • 2020 Archive

2019 Summary:

  • 2-week Expedition to Labrador Arctic – Mt. Caubvick with 160+ km packraft descent
  • Palisade Traverse in the Sierras
  • Clemenceau/Tusk heli camp
  • Slesse via SW Route
  • Classic climbs in WA – Forbidden, Liberty Bell etc.
  • Cleveland and Stimson – highest and second highest in GNP, MT
  • 2019 Archive

2018 Summary:

  • Mt. Fairweather success in Alaska
  • A few more important 11,000ers – Goodsirs, Helmet, Tsar etc.
  • Lincoln Peak in Washington – probably the scariest snow climb I’ve done
  • Jack via Nohokomeen Headwall
  • Chilliwack Bulgers slam including Hard Mox
  • Tantalus Traverse
  • First trip to 5000+m – Pico de Orizaba and Iztaccihuatl in Mexico
  • 2018 Archive

2017 Summary:

  • Mt. Alberta via Japenese Route – hardest 11,000er
  • Mt. Robson via Kain Face
  • Persuasion of more difficult 11,000ers – Deltaform, Whitehorn, Hungabee etc.
  • First major road trip to US SW deserts – 40+ peaks in 18 days, all solo
  • 150+ peaks bagged
  • 2017 Archive

2016 Summary:

  • Atwell Peak – one of the scariest in SW BC
  • Mt. Fee North Tower via North Face
  • Ticking off SW BC classics – Garibaldi, Wedge, Matier, Joffre, Rexford etc..
  • Mt. Rainier – first peak over 4000 m
  • 2016 Archive

2015 Summary:

  • Moved from Edmonton, Alberta to Vancouver, BC
  • Cleaned up Columbia Icefield
  • The bulk part of the 11,000ers bagged in this year – over 20 of them, including Bryce and Twins Tower.
  • Exploratory ascent of Simon Peak/Mt. Fraser
  • Immediately ticking off SW BC classics – Lions, Sky Pilot, Habrich, Mamquam etc.
  • 10-day ski trip to Lizzie Creek Cabin with 15+ peaks bagged
  • 2015 Archive

2014 Summary:

  • First time to the Bugaboos with ascents of Bugaboo Spire and Pigeon Spire
  • Sir Donald via NW Ridge
  • Wapta Icefield difficult peaks – Balfour, Ayesha, Collie etc. ski mountaineering
  • FRA of Ghita – 25 h single push in -30C temp.
  • 2014 Archive

2013 Summary:

  • Turned 20 years old…
  • Assiniboine and Edith Cavell
  • Starting the 11,000ers game with 9 down
  • More Difficult Scrambles – Chephren, Old Goat etc.
  • 2013 Archive

2012 Summary:

  • From newbie to hardest scrambles in Kane List – Smuts and Northover
  • Lots and lots of scrambles with 120+ peaks bagged
  • 2012 Archive

2011 Summary:

  • First ever scramble on Cirque Peak in Rockies in July
  • Mt. Temple
  • Serious peak-bagging started in December when I was 18 years old
  • 2009-2011 Archive
  1. […]   Join Date: May 2009 Location: Canmore, AB Canada Posts: 1,879 I know Steven Song that posts on this forum has just been on East Lion (perhaps it was even him you saw). You can try […]

  2. Daniel says:

    Steven, its been a MONTH since your last updated blog! are you still alive?! I miss you.

    • Steven Song says:

      lol.. Been busy doing all these trips and have absolutely no time to keep the report up even though I’m not working in summer. 21 peaks in July and 21 in August and that includes huge ones like Robson and Alberta… Hopefully can catch things up once the rain starts to fall…

  3. Dave Block says:

    Quite a resume Steven, you are a very busy person to do all that playing, I appreciate you giving praise to my old stomping grounds, stay safe!

  4. Peter Blanchard says:

    Hi Steven. I’m loving these reports!

    Question for you. Do you have any GPX data from any of your Clemenceau Icefield trips or Mt King Edward?



  5. Adam says:

    Hey Steven, I just wanted you to know that I have read every single one of your posts over the years and find them inspiring. I have always wanted to explore the mountains, but due to circumstance, I will likely never be able to. Seeing you go from a kid who basically walked up big hills to a man ascending some truly huge mountains has been awesome. It gives me hope that someday I will be able to achieve my dreams as well.


  6. Scott says:

    I notice you are exploring Vancouver Island again. You may enjoy Comox Glacier – awesome views. The usual caveat about checking out recent forestry road access. I did the Frog Pond route many (many) years ago and really enjoyed it. I know there is also now the alternate (& longer) Kookjai route approach. Enjoy your trip reports! Cheers.

  7. Guy Black says:

    Hi, just wondering the best route to get up to Mount Fagervik ? Any advice is appreciated.

  8. Mark says:

    Do you have a training or exercise regimen for staying in shape when you aren’t climbing?

  9. Ravi Trikha says:

    I had to laugh at your line of deciding to “embrace the misery” of the overgrown, wet spur up Mt Hooker. I did it in September when it was warm and dry, and those eye-poking alders were miserable enough. While you guys were doing Mt Hooker, I was snowshoeing up Hill 60 Ridge, just to the south of you, in similar snow conditions from highway to summit. By the way, what site do you use to research satellite imagery for your hikes?

    • Steven Song says:

      Hey Ravi,

      The mapping tool is Gaia GPS app. I’m a paid membership so I have access to multiple layers (topo, satellite, backroad mapbook etc.). I also use Fatmap sometimes to visulize in 3D..
      That was quite a thrash in the cold…

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