Alouette Mountain

August 7, 2017


Golden Ears Provincial Park, BC

Alouette Mountain is a broad summit accessible from the main entrance of Golden Ears Provincial Park. There are two commonly used trails heading to the summit. The old trail starts from Mike Lake and follows the broad, forested south flanks and is reported to be very boring and tedious. The new trail that connects Evans Peak is what the “standard route” is nowadays. For me tagging this summit was just part of the Blanshard Needle’s ascent hence all of the approach and return is written in my Blanshard Needle’s trip report. Here I only show some summit views.

Arriving at the broad summit of Alouette Mountain

This is the summit cairn

Looking back at Blanshard Needle. We ascended the face in the middle

Elsewhere the view was nothing but thick smoke

Me on the summit of Alouette Mountain