Big Sicker Mountain

February 5, 2022


Vancouver Island, BC

Big Sicker Mountain locates immediately to the north of Mt. Prevost with about 200 m prominence above the saddle. This peak is considerably more “dumpster” than Mt. Prevost as it’s logged right to the summit. There’s some views from the clear-cuts but nothing dramatic. I tagged this peak simply because I happened to be in the area. Earlier in the morning I had just ascended Mt. Prevost with a bike. The ascent of Big Sicker Mountain wouldn’t take more than an hour’s detour considering I had brought a bike in this trip, so why not.

Mt. Prevost and Big Sicker Mountain bike-up. GPX DL

The road beyond the Mt. Prevost Mainline’s junction became totally snowed in within 5 minutes of pedalling. Some truckers had attempted to drive further but all ended up backing out. I pushed the fatbike up the steep spur road on mostly compact snow and icy tire tracks and within 1 km distance I came to a locked gate. The road beyond that gate was totally untracked, but the snow was firm enough that I could easily ride the fatbike on. That was actually quite fun. There were still sections that were too steep/rough to pedal up but I did managed to ride as much as I could, especially on the firm snow. The summit was dumpster as expected, but open enough to provide at least some views.

Sections of the road were bare but most were snowy
My bike at the locked gate
Higher up on the road, looking back towards Mt. Prevost
Looking towards the mainland from a viewpoint slightly north of the summit
This is looking NW towards Mt. Brenton. Not sure if the actual summit is visible.
My bike on the summit of Big Sicker Mountain
Me and the bike on the summit of Big Sicker Mountain

I again, spent a long time playing with the timers on the phone to make sure I was satisfied with the photos. Once committing to the descent it literally took me 10 minutes to ride back to the truck. I especially enjoyed the sections of riding on the firm snow. Not doing much lingering I immediately started the truck to drive towards Maple Mountain which was about 20 minutes away.

Snowy cut-blocks were the theme of this peak…
My Taco parked at Prevost/Big Sicker pass