Claimpost Peak

June 17, 2021


Lytton / Kwoiek Creek, BC

Claimpost Peak is rather just a bump at the end of the rugged SE Ridge of Skihist Mountain with hardly any prominence but itself offers more interesting and more challenging scramble than Skihist Mountain itself. The only route that makes sense is the SW Ridge from Antimony/Claimpost col which involves one section of “class 4” scrambling. For obvious reason I did not come up here to just do Claimpost Peak so the approach is written in Skihist Mountain’s trip report. In this trip report I’m only covering the SW Ridge scramble.

Loop traverse of Skihist Group from Kwoiek Creek. GPX DL

Vlad and I ditched backpacks at the col because we figured the ascent would be short enough that nothing was needed. We firstly utilized snow patches to traverse/ascend climber’s right side of the ridge crest hoping to bypass some pinnacles but to no avail. We soon came to a dead end that forced us to scramble climber’s left back onto the SW Ridge crest. From there we had to scramble up and over or bypass slightly several pinnacles that involved mostly 3rd class scrambling on a mix of good and bad rocks. One chimney was exposed 4th class but the holds were big and solid. Above that chimney the terrain eased but we still had fair amount of narrow ridge to scramble over and the summit offered some nice views. The descent back to Antimony/Claimpost col was uneventful reversing the exact route and we were back to the col in just over an hour since we left it.

The start of the towers section on SW Ridge of Claimpost Peak
Vlad down-climbing into the first notch
Most of the possible bypasses are on the south side of the ridge
Vlad climbing up the 4th class crux chimney
Looking sideways towards the rugged SE Ridge of Skihist Mountain
Vlad scrambling the upper ridge on Claimpost Peak
Summit Panorama from Claimpost Peak. Click to view large size.
Antimony Lake from the summit of Claimpost Peak
Vlad on the summit of Claimpost Peak
“Eagle Ridge” and the associated ruggedness in the foreground
Vlad and I on the summit of Claimpost Peak
Vlad descending the upper SW Ridge of Claimpost Peak
We did have to traverse a few snow patches but it was soft enough
Down-climbing that crux chimney