Neptuak Mountain

July 27, 2017


Lake Louise / Banff National Park, AB/BC

The Stoney First Nations word “Neptuak” means “nine” hence it’s a self-explanatory name of the 9th peak of Valley of Ten Peaks behind Moraine Lake. In fact, it’s more-or-less just a bump on the NW shoulder of Deltaform Mountain. The standard ascent route goes up NW Ridge and shares the same approach with Deltaform, and further because Deltaform Mountain is a famed 11,000er not many people care that much about Neptuak. The main focus is always Deltaform and that includes my own trip as well. All of the approach and ascent is written in my Deltaform Mountain’s trip report and here I’m only showing some summit views.

Hungabee Mountain et al. from the summit

The Goodsirs on the horizon

Deltaform Mountain which will be our primary objective

Mt. Temple

This striking peak is Mt. Biddle. Because it’s not an 11,000er not many cares about

Me on the summit of Neptuak Mountain