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Posted: March 3, 2013 in News

Steven Song

Born in China in 1993.

Immigrated to Canada in 2008.

Lived in Vancouver 2008-2011, then Edmonton 2011-2015, and now back to Vancouver.

10569030_10152625875849586_1474244989106751106_n 1

This is me climbing on Mt. King George. Photo courtesy: Vern Dewit

It was actually my mom who introduced me into hiking and associated outdoor activities when I was still a child. I got my first digital camera when I was 12. In the same year mom took me up Hua Shan which is my first summit. I just graduated from chemical engineering in University of Alberta. Having ascended more than 400 peaks in the Canadian Rockies with experience from easy hiking to multi-day mountaineering, now I’m moving back to the Lower Mainland of BC, excited to explore the Coast Mountain and the North Cascades.

Facebook: H-Steven Song

Email: icyicefield@hotmail.com

  1. Steven,
    While searching for photos of Wedgemount Glacier to illustrate the retreat, I came across your entry about the climb up Mount Moe. Myself & John Nairn did the first ascent in 1967. The link will take you to the pictures scanned from slides:

    Below is a video comparing Wedgemount Glacier retreat between 1971 & 2010. I am looking for more recent images & saw yours from Mt Cook:

    I would like to get that image in higher resolution if possible.

    • Steven Song says:

      Hi Cliff, love the video on your link and nice to see how the glaciers had changed in these 40 years! Lemme know your email address or send an email to my address (icyicefield@hotmail.com) and I’ll give you the full size files, after July 4 cuz I’ll be away in the next while.


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