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Posted: March 3, 2013 in News

I’m not a huge fan of presenting too much of myself beyond the scope of climbing so I’m keeping my bio short. But here are some facts about me.


  • sometimes I go with “H-Steven SONG” to distinguish myself from the many same-names. 
  • Born in China in 1993.
  • Immigrated to Canada in 2008.
  • Lived in Vancouver 2008-2011, then Edmonton 2011-2015, and now back to Vancouver.
  • Languages use in life: Chinese Mandarin ~60%, English ~40%… 

10569030_10152625875849586_1474244989106751106_n 1

Instagram: steven_peakbagging

Email: icyicefield@hotmail.com

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT your “Mr. Safety” out there in the mountains and I need NOT have to explain my various “non-textbook” type of decisions in my trip reports. You have to be honest to your own risk/reward kind of thing and be sure to apply your own knowledge, formulate your own approach and know your own limitations. Here I take absolutely no responsibility of inaccuracy in the descriptions nor the unsafe practices of mine if you run into trouble using my trip reports as references.

  1. Steven,
    While searching for photos of Wedgemount Glacier to illustrate the retreat, I came across your entry about the climb up Mount Moe. Myself & John Nairn did the first ascent in 1967. The link will take you to the pictures scanned from slides:

    Below is a video comparing Wedgemount Glacier retreat between 1971 & 2010. I am looking for more recent images & saw yours from Mt Cook:

    I would like to get that image in higher resolution if possible.

    • Steven Song says:

      Hi Cliff, love the video on your link and nice to see how the glaciers had changed in these 40 years! Lemme know your email address or send an email to my address (icyicefield@hotmail.com) and I’ll give you the full size files, after July 4 cuz I’ll be away in the next while.


  2. David says:

    Wow that’s an impressive and extensive list of mountains, you’ve been busy! Congrats, I think there are lots of tricky peaks on the list.
    Anyways was just wondering your method of getting over to the Tantalus range. Hire a boat? Helicopter? There is apparently a tyrolean cable run…?

    • Steven Song says:

      Hey David,
      Thanks. The way I did my peaks in Tantalus Range was all by taking a helicopter in. When I did Tantalus to Ossa traverse we hiked out out Sigurd Creek trail (which can be used to approach in as well). For Serratus and Sedgwick area we flew in and flew out.

  3. @1942dicle says:

    Hey fellow hiker/climber/scramblers/bouldert – My hubby & I are booked to climb/hike Mount Washington [NH] this July 12th. Any words of wisdom or experiences that you can share?
    e-mail: tmatravel@aol.com

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