Leopold Point

March 20, 2017


Tucson / Santa Catalina Mountains, AZ

Leopold Point is a small summit on the Incinerator Ridge of the Santa Catalina Mountains in southern Arizona. There’s a pretty good trail running the whole Incinerator Ridge and tagging the summit is of Leopold Point is a short off-trail diversion. The access is also super easy thank to the built of Mt. Lemmon Highway and this peak was bagged along with a whole bunch of others in one shot. Earlier in the day I had already hiked/scrambled up Barnum Rock.

Barnum Rock and Leopold Point hiking route. GPX DL

From the connecting col between Barnum Rock and Leopold Point I picked up the trail but near the summit I left it and went for my own route. The trail would traverse underneath the highest point towards the next bump along the ridge. After leaving the trail I came to a rock climbing area where a couple climbers were practicing their skills. Most of the travel was done in open forest and there’s no issue whatsoever to reach the high point.

A view from Barnum/Leopold col

Looking back at the shear cliffs of Barnum Rock

Hiking towards Leopold Point

Passing a rock climbing area

Looking back at the plateau/ridge I just traversed across

The last bits to the summit

A view from near the summit

Barnum Rock

Green Mountain

Summit Panorama from Leopold Point. Click to view large size.

San Pedro Valley

Me on the summit of Leopold Point

After taking in the views I started the descent. I took a variation shooting more straight down the forested slope and this brought me down to the trail further west. This also turned out to be a bit easier than my ascent route. After rejoining the trail the rest of the way back to San Pedro Vista was fairly uneventful, but scenic.

Heading down.

Rejoining the trail

Hiking back up Barnum Rock

Descending towards San Pedro Vista on a good trail

Can’t get rid of these views.

Looking back towards Leopold Point

Once back to the parking lot I wasted no time but soon focused on my next objective – Kellogg Mountain.