TG7 (Torngat Mountains)

June 21, 2019


Nunavik / Torngat Mountains, NL/QC

“TG7” is a large, but dome-shaped summit on the headwaters of Koroc River in the Torngat Mountains. I’m not very sure how the name “TG7” was assigned to this summit on but I assume it means this is the 7th highest summit in Quebec Torngats. It’s definitely not the 7th highest in the entire Torngats but if only ranking the Quebec side then it makes sense. The ascent is rather a tedious and uninteresting plod southwards from the upper Koroc landing strip and can be done in a half day. Eric and I decided to scramble this in the evening after returning from the successful ascents of Mt. Caubvick/Mt. D’Iberville and Mt. Barnes-Pauze.

“TG7” scramble route from the upper Koroc landing strip

From the landing strip we had to ascend at least 1 km up the upper Koroc River valley to get to the less-steep NE flanks and such ordeal involved fair amount of unpleasant bushwhacking. On the return we managed to avoid most of the bushwhacking by sticking closer to the steep north face cliffs but on the ascent we had to suck it up. At the base of the NE side we crossed a snow gully while resisting the temptation to ascend on snow. After hopping back onto the rock the next few hours were just a numbing game of talus, scree and moss to the (very broad) false summit, about 800 vertical meters above our camp. Eric and I ascended very fast because of the mosquitoes.

Eric setting up his tent at the upper landing strip. The north face of TG7 behind

This is my tent..

Plodding across the flat ground eastwards from camp

This is the snow gully that we crossed

Partway up the route. This is the typical terrain

Eric taking some photo breaks

I was not particularly happy to see a higher summit at least 2 km away with some substantial elevation loss but since we were peak-baggers we had to make the true summit. The elevation loss was very annoying knowing that we had to gain all of them back but at least the views were improving in the evening hours. The final ascent onto the true summit was more talus hopping. Minutes after reaching the summit we watched an incredible sunset.

Eric plodding the final slopes towards the true summit

Labrador Sea was still covered in clouds so no view of the icebergs

Just another dome-shaped summit in the Torngats

Mt. Caubvick/Mt. D’Iberville

This is the headwaters of Nakvak River in Labrador

It’s sunset time. The sun came down way to the NNW

The peaks in the Labrador side are more rugged than the Quebec side

Eric and I on the summit of “TG7”

On the descent we decided to simply retrace our route even though that meant re-ascending onto the false summit plateau. We again, raced down the mountain because of the horrible mosquitoes. The descent wasn’t as painful as I thought because we managed to plunge on mossy ground for at least 50% of the route.

Another photo of the sunset from partway down

Our round trip time was 4 hours but we were pushing hard on the pace. Overall this was just a typical unpleasant easy scramble in this area but the views are great. I don’t know how much I would recommend it.