Coin Peak

July 5, 2017


Squamish / Ashlu Main FSR, BC

“Coin Peak” is the unofficial name of the small peak sandwiched by Pokosha and Coin Creeks at the headwaters of Ashlu River. It’s also rather just a sub-summit of Mt. Jimmy Jimmy massif. The summit of Coin Peak itself offers superb views on a clear day but the main mountaineering interest in this area is always Mt. Jimmy Jimmy. To me myself an ascent of Coin Peak is a mere short diversion from Mt. Jimmy Jimmy’s trip.

Coin Peak and Mt. Jimmy Jimmy standard route. GPX DL

The ascent from “Coin Pass” was longer than I thought with actually more than 300 m of elevation gain, and some sections quite steep. Right off the bat I had to ascend a steep snow slope that almost made me to don crampons. I used an ice axe for a bit of added security but had to kick hard for a couple steps. The terrain stayed fairly steep for a while but eventually levelled out about halfway up. Near the summit it became steep again but by attacking from climber’s right side it’s a fairly easy fair. I stayed on the summit for about an hour soaking in the views.

The start was quite steep

Easy going now. Upwards and onwards

The summit of Coin Peak ahead. Still fair a bit of ways to go…

Late afternoon lighting on Tantalus Range

This couloir could be fun, but I cannot comment

Looking back at Mt. Jimmy Jimmy massif

This is a wide view looking down into Ashlu River valley

Summit Panorama from Coin Peak. Click to view large size.

Mt. Wood on Ashlu-Elaho Divide

Mt. Sedgwick is now very difficult to access

A zoomed-in view towards Mt. Tantalus

Me on the summit of Coin Peak

Mt. Garibaldi

This is the remote Phantom Mountain

Pelion, Ossa, Tantalus on the infamous Tantalus Range

Sigurd Peak on glow

I thought about waiting till sunset and descending by head-lamp but bailed on that idea. I think it was just the laziness as I wanted to get back to camp and sleep early.. So I gradually started the descent and meanwhile watched the horizon turning colours. It was spectacular and meanwhile I lost elevation quickly on snow. I got back to camp just after dusk which was perfect for cooking a well-deserved dinner, and then go to sleep.

Mt. Crerar way up at the headwater of Ashlu River. No idea how to access it…

The iconic Ashlu Mountain and Porterhouse Peak

Dusk horizon over Tantalus Range

Overall I would definitely recommend this diversion if you have extra time when climbing Mt. Jimmy Jimmy, but be prepared as it’s longer than you might think. Doing it before Mt. Jimmy Jimmy is the key as otherwise you’d lose all motivation and probably will never come back for this “small” peak.