Ironmask Hill

August 7, 2020


Kamloops, BC

Ironmask Hill is rather just a pimple in the vicinity of Kamloops but is rather famous for its mountain biking trails, at least among the locals. The name is official but from peak-bagging perspective an ascent of Ironmask Hill falls into the exact category of “dumpster diving”… I tagged this summit simply because I happened to be around Kamloops with extra time to kill. I was driving back home from a successful ascent of Mt. Warren and I wanted to at least bag something to justify this long drive. A quick scan on the Gaia map saw me locking the objective on this mighty Ironmask Hill. I let the Google Map app to direct me to one of the trail-heads on the west side of the hill.

Ironmask Hill walk-up near Kamloops. GPX DL

I wasn’t expecting to see many people on this hike but apparently it’s a popular biking playground for the locals. I talked to at least two or three bikers and all of them were from Kamloops. The hike was also longer than expected. I opted to not carry anything and I almost regretted that decision. The hike was long enough that bringing at least a water bottle would be a better idea. I didn’t do much research so just followed the trails on the Gaia app. The trails were actually quite accurate. I made a few short-cuts to save extra distance of hiking. The summit was lame as expected but did offer at least a bit of views.

A biker passed me near the start

The same biker that passed me

Started to see some typical Kamloops views

This was as good as the views could get on this little pimple…

Sugarloaf Hill nearly was slightly taller

I somehow passed that biker and reached the summit before her…

Another biker reaching the summit

Me on the summit of Ironmask Hill

Since I didn’t bring any food nor water I had to run down the mountain. The descent took very little time. I drank lots of water at the parking lot and drove directly to a nearly Chinese restaurant for a well-deserved dinner before resuming the long drive back to Vancouver, in pouring rain…

The trail’s well defined

It’s almost flower season!