Squalicum Mountain

December 30, 2019


Bellingham, WA

Squalicum Mountain is a lowly but broad wooded hill immediately to the east of the city of Bellingham. The hillsides are occupied by residential use and communication facilities and several roads run all the way to the summit. However, the summit is off-limit for vehicle traffic unless one lives in those residential areas. Masayo and I tried to drive up the roads via three different entrance points but all three entrances were gated with signs of “private properties” and “no trespassing”. I of course would not accept such a failure so opted to park just outside the gate on the southern entrance point and instead of driving to the summit we would walk.

The drive/walk for Toad Mtn. and Squalicum Mtn. GPX DL

We entered the Academy Highlands residential area and easily walked up the main paved road for about one mile. Near the top we took a left turn and walked to the end of the pavement. Beyond the pavement we exited the residential area onto some backroads that led us all the way to the summit. The true highest point lies on the far (east) side of the fenced area so we walked there too just to be sure. There’s no view whatsoever, so after taking the obligatory summit shot we leisurely walked back down the roads. I had some concern that my truck might have been towed but it turned out that nobody was there bothering with us, so we moved on towards our next objective – King Mountain.

Walking the paved road because of gates

The only view from this hike – down the power line towards Whacme Mtn. massif

Masayo walking up the backroads near the summit

At least we had some view of the rainforest..

Me on the summit of Squalicum Mountain

Back down to the gate now.