Plummer Peak

June 12, 2018


Mt. Rainier National Park, WA

Plummer Peak is a small summit in Tatoosh Range immediately south of Mt. Rainier and unlike its neighbours this peak can be done year-round with no scrambling involved. Most peak-baggers come here to grab a bunch of them in one bag and that’s exactly the plan among Lily, Alan and myself. There’s no way would I drive 5 hours just to do Plummer Peak. Earlier in the day we had already ascended The Castle and then Pinnacle Peak.

Traverse of Castle, Pinnacle, Plummer, Denman. GPX DL

From Pinnacle/Plummer saddle we picked up a set of boot tracks on snow and followed the tracks upwards onto the broad north ridge of Plummer Peak. Upon reaching a dry platform we ditched backpacks and then continued up following the boot path. There’s one or two steep spots near the summit ridge that required some brief scrambling and bushwhacking but otherwise it’s just a hike to the highest point. The views were great towards all directions as expected, but a thin layer of high clouds had rolled in and the light was a bit flat.

Alan leading the way up the broad north slopes

Lily coming up with Mt. Rainier behind

A look at Pinnacle Peak and The Castle which we just ascended

This is the only steeper stretch along Plummer’s standard route

Summit Panorama from Plummer Peak. Click to view large size.

Mt. Adams dominates the southern skyline

Wahpenayo Peak also part of Tatoosh Range

In the foreground is Lane Peak. We omitted it on this traverse

A obligatory shot at Mt. Rainier

Pinnacle Peak – our second objective

The Castle – our first objective

Lily coming up to the summit of Plummer Peak

Me on the summit of Plummer Peak

After a while we headed down.

At this point we decided to hike up Denman Peak as well since it’s right there, so why not…