Ling Shan (灵山)

May, 1999


Beijing, China

I was only 6 years old at that time and we hiked up Ling Shan which is the highest peak in Beijing area. Compared to the other few mountains I’ve done in China, this one has the most wilderness feeling. It doesn’t have a road up, nor a gondola (in 1999 though). Don’t know how this mountain looks right now. Despite the fact it’s the highest in Beijing, it’s not a well-known mountain unless you’re living in nearby areas. I didn’t have much memory about this trip, but these photos help me remember some.

Image0008-2 Image0008-3 Image0009-2 Image0009-1

Dad, mom and I on the summit

Dad, mom and I on the summit

Image0013-1 Image0011-1 Image0011-2 Image0011-3 Image0012-1 Image0012-2

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