Bear Mountain (Mission)

September 11, 2019


Mission / Fraser Valley, BC

“Bear Mountain” is the local name of a small wooded hill immediately north of Mission that’s probably better known for its mountain biking trails. The same system of biking trails can also be linked for a hike to the (wooded) summit but in one way or another this is not really a worthwhile objective for anyone but the locals who live in its vicinity that use the trails for exercise. Mission is not very far away from Metro Vancouver and the hike is reasonably short that I could easily do it as a “before-work exercise”. I don’t really need good weather because there’s literally nothing to see other than trees, nor an early start. This September had been very rainy but among the rainy days I noticed a brief break, and made a spontaneous decision to take Kat out for some exercise. Of course I would need a new summit to motivate, and I randomly picked this one.

Bear Mountain (Mission) hiking route. GPX DL

We didn’t bother to leave Vancouver until 8 am and made to the trail-head in just over an hour. The weather was cloudy but rain seemed to be holding off. The trail system was marked on my Gaia GPS map and is also well labelled by markers. There was a maze of trails, but by carefully studying the maps we did manage to link them up. The trail was wet and slippery but not steep. After a few junctions the grade eased and then we intersected the upper logging road system. There was a bit of uneven terrain and more confusing junctions. The true summit required a brief bushwhack off the highest logging road spur and is completely wooded with no view whatsoever.

Kat scrambling up a rocky step on the trail.

More about the trail and the typical view…

This is the only open spot from the upper logging road. Dewdney Peak ahead

We merged back onto a trail to avoid road walking

Kat exploring

Venturing off-trail at the end to tag the true highest point

After taking a short break we leisurely went down retracing the exact path we had taken on the ascent. The slipper rocks (from recent rain) meant we had to be extra careful, but nonetheless we made zero mistake hiking back to the vehicle. We then drove south for a good meal in Abbotsford before driving back home to prepare for my afternoon work.

Introduction to BC bushwhacking..

A bit of careful work to get back onto the upper road

Kat hiking down.

This is one of the few steeper and slippery stretches.