Mount Frink

August 1, 2021


Vancouver Island, BC

Mt. Frink is a small satellite peak attached to the much-bigger Mt. Albert Edward and from the saddle between the two peaks this one can be done in a mere half-an-hour-plod. It’s entirely a walk-up and the route is even somewhat marked by cairns and paths. Most who ended up tagging this summit did it as a loop traverse and that’s exactly how Alex, Vlad and I planned. On the first day we made the long approach and ascended Jutland Mountain and on the second day we tagged Mt. Albert Edward in the early morning.

A loop traverse across Mt. Albert Edward etc. GPX DL

There’s not much worth noting about the ascent of Mt. Frink from Frink/Albert Edward saddle. We mostly stuck to the beaten path and the cairns but there are many ways to make it work. The true summit was not obvious as we ascended but in the end we ascended two of the highpoints that appeared to be roughly equal in height. We dropped the packs and tagged the west summit first and then carried the packs up and over the east summit. From there we picked up the trail/path again and descended into Frink/Castlecrag saddle. The “trail” in this section was much better than I thought and the route-finding was very easy thank to the cairns and flags. The trip then continued with an ascent of Castlecrag Mountain before the long and boring hike-out.

At the broad saddle between Mt. Albert Edward and Mt. Frink with Mt. Frink ahead
Alex marching up towards Mt. Frink
About halfway up the slope, looking back
Me confused as which would be the true summit of Mt. Frink
Summit Panorama from Mt. Frink. Click to view large size.
Golden Hinde way in the distance, the tallest on Vancouver Island
Me on the summit of Mt. Frink with Mt. Albert Edward behind
Our group shot on the summit of Mt. Frink
Alex taking a look at Hope Lake and Mt. Albert Edward
Faith Lake to the south and some unnamed peaks
The peak in foreground is Mt. George V
Vlad and I descending the SE Ridge of Mt. Frink with Castlecrag Mtn. ahead
The sign surely confirmed that we were on route…