Stoyoma’s Widow

June 18, 2020


Merritt / Spius Creek, BC

“Stoyoma’s Widow” is the unofficial name of a broad summit about half a dozen kilometers to the west of Stoyoma Mountain in the far northern stretch of the Cascades. This peak is sometimes mistakenly recognized as Mt. Hewitt Bostock because it’s both taller and more recognizable than the officially-named Mt. Hewitt Bostock. The name “Stoyoma’s Widow” comes from both Fairley’s SW BC Climbing Guide and the Beckey’s Cascade Alpine Guide and the lake just to the east of it is called “Widow Lake”. This peak can be done individually from Cabin Lake as a day-hike but for ambitious peak-baggers there are options to like up several summits to make a full day. Vlad and I drove out in the previous evening and easily tagged the summit of Stoyoma Mountain in the morning.

Stoyoma Mtn. and Mt. Hewitt Bostock traverse. GPX DL

The ascent was essentially a long ridge ramble due west from the low saddle between Stoyoma Mtn. and “Stoyoma’s Widow”, over at least 4 or 5 bumps with each one taller than the previous. Asides the annoying up-and-downs we also encountered some significant post-holing wherever the snow’s thin, but on the downhill stretches the snow did help easing the frustration. The view was however, very nice throughout the traverse. The last bump before the summit required almost 100 m of elevation loss.

Vlad marching along the ridge with a substantial bump ahead

Vlad plodding on snow with Stoyoma Mountain behind

Our objective – “Stoyoma’s Widow”

Widow Lake in the foreground

The west face of Stoyoma Mountain

The clouds were lifting up at this point

Mt. Urquhart poking above the cloud layer

Steinbok Peak et al. in the Anderson River Group

Mt. Baker on the southern horizon

Kumkan Peak, Kwoiek Peak and Kwoiek Needle

Vlad rambling ahead to the next bump

We had to lose fair amount of elevation here but thankfully on snow

This is where we ditched the backpacks

At the base of the south ridge of “Stoyoma’s Widow” we found a stream of running water. This seemed like a perfect spot to take a break so we opted to ditch our backpacks there. The ascent to the summit was pretty easy on a combination of snow and rock, and once having enough of the views we descended to where we ditched the packs and resumed the traverse towards Mt. Hewitt Bostock.

Vlad approaching the summit of “Stoyoma’s Widow”

Partial Summit Panorama from “Stoyoma’s Widow”. Click to view large size.

Mt. Hewitt Bostock in the foreground..

Mt. Baker in the far distance

The Old Settler is finally free of clouds

The spires of Anderson River Group in the foreground

Another photo of Mt. Urquhart

Skihist Mountain and Petlushkwohap Mountain on the horizon

Siwhe Mountain and Stein Mountain

Mt. Laughlan and The Nipple

Vlad taking in the views in front of “Gilda Peak”

Vlad and I on the summit of “Stoyoma’s Widow”