Jutland Mountain

July 31, 2021


Vancouver Island, BC

Jutland Mountain is rather just a satellite peak of Mt. Albert Edward but in fact it boasts over 200 m prominence and the ascent from Jutland/Albert Edward col is longer than one might expect. Alex, Vlad and I did it as a side trip in addition to the Mt. Albert Edward loop traverse.

A loop traverse across Mt. Albert Edward etc. GPX DL

We ditched the packs at a prominent cairn near the col and carried onward carrying nothing. I did opt to carry a rain coat as the clouds were pretty dark above us, and that proved to be the right decision. After traversing across some undulating and rocky terrain we were surprised to find another group camping on the ridge, as well as a well-trodden path heading towards the direction we wanted. I thought this peak might involve some bushwhacking but looked like it actually had a trail all the way to the top. The ascent was quite long with a few false summits and near the top we got hit by a shower. And at the very summit our poles and phones started to buzzle although none of us heard any thunder. We rushed down and a few minutes later the shower stopped. We then had a leisure walk back to our gear cache and carried on to find a better spot to camp somewhere on Mt. Albert Edward.

We discovered another group camping on the ridge, with Mt. Regan behind
The typical terrain to plod up Jutland Mountain. It was very boring…
Looking south into the smoke. We were right at the smoke chocked boundary
Mt. Washington and the dark clouds
This lake on the north side of Jutland Mtn. is called Sunrise Lake
Me approaching the summit of Jutland Mountain in a rain shower
Mt. Albert Edward and Mt. Regan from the summit of Jutland Mountain
A selfie shot on the summit of Jutland Mtn. before running down
Vlad posing just under the summit with a rainbow forming behind
Vlad taking a look at the rainbow and seconds after he felt electricity in the poles
Down into safety zone now.
That tent again. What you can’t see in the picture is the millions of mosquitoes
Alex and Vlad in front of Mt. Regan, after completing Jutland Mountain