Two Buttes (CO)

April 3, 2022


Lamar, CO

Two Buttes locates in the far SE corner of Colorado sticking a mere 100 m above the flat grasslands. This “peak” is known as the lowest ranked summit (100m prominence) in Colorado and it’s also a county high point. Of course when I pulled the spontaneous trigger to ascend it I knew nothing about these. I simply saw this peaklet while driving northwards up SR385 and my initial thought was “that thing must have more than 100 m prominence”. I pulled out the peakbagger app while driving and sure it has. It also has an official name, so I pulled over and did a quick research. My original plan was to drive straight to Kansas High Point but I figured this little detour wouldn’t cost more than an hour, so why not…

Two Buttes obvious route. GPX DL

I turned onto some dirt roads and drove as close to Two Buttes as possible and parked the rental car in front of a gate on the SW side. The gate was locked meaning this peak must locate in someone’s private property. I spent as little time as possible to don some hiking gears, hopped across the gate and dashed for the summit hoping that nobody would catch me. I was very beat from the non-stop driving and peak-bagging in the past 18 days so I could not run up this hill, but I did hike at a faster-than-normal pace. There’s nothing magic about the ascent and soon enough I was celebrating the success. I then jogged down, hopped back over the gate and drove the hell out of this place.

My route basically goes straight the hell up to the summit…
It gets a little steep near the top
A sideways view to the north to show the slope angle
A sideways view to the south
Looking back. I was mostly following a track and you can see where I parked
Summit Panorama from Two Buttes. Click to view large size.
This is the “other butte”. I thought about to go there but didn’t bother
Lots and lots of dirt country roads around here
Me on the summit of Two Buttes
There were some weather system to the north and here had the only pocket of sun
The gate and my rental Mitsubishi
A review shot of Two Buttes from the gate