Scimitar Knoll

March 15, 2020


Manning Provincial Park, BC

“Scimitar Knoll” is the unofficial name of the northernmost summit of the long ridge that extends west and northwest from Castle Peak in Washington over Monument 76 into Manning Park of British Columbia. The name was originally given by but has gained some popularity on the internet. This peak hasn’t seen many ascents on the internet yet, partly due to the lowly nature and partly due to the access difficulties. The only route that makes sense is the wooded NE Ridge followed by the east ridge, and the approach is via a 8-km trek from Lightning Lake. This route involved painful bushwhacking in the summer, and is not easy in winter neither, as we just found out. The primary objective of this trip was Full Moon Rising but to reach that summit we had to traverse up and over Scimitar Knoll. The full story is written in the trip report of Full Moon Rising, and here I’m only showing some photos from Scimitar Knoll’s section.

Scimitar Knoll and Full Moon Rising snowshoe route. GPX DL

Mel ascending the tricky upper east ridge of Scimitar Knoll

The north face of Scimitar Knoll is very impressive

Mel on the east ridge with Frosty Mountain behind

Silvertip Mountain in the background behind Snow Camp/Lone Goat etc.

This is looking south into the Washington Cascades

Mel with Hozomeen Mountain behind

A closer look at North Hozomeen

Mt. Spickard, Mox Peaks etc. the remote Chilliwack Bulger group

South Hozomeen is a tough bastard

Lightning Lake in the distance

Castle Peak is the 100th highest summit in Washington…

Castle Peak and Full Moon Rising

A wider view of the valley that we came up from

Me on the summit of Scimitar Knoll