Mount Irvine

August 7, 2019


Clemenceau Icefield, BC

There is some confusion and debate about where exactly the summit of Mt. Irvine is. There are three sub-summits on the south ridge of Tusk Peak and Mt. Irvine is either the east (highest, but easiest), or the central peak. It seems like the historical record shows that Mt. Irvine is referred to the east summit while the central peak is given an unofficial name of “Mt. Chettan” so I’d go with this. In any case, you should refer to Tusk Peak for a full story.

Ascending Mt. Irvine now with Tusk Peak behind

Oakley near the summit of Mt. Irvine after gaining ~100 m from the col

Pic Tordu is the main peak center of shot. The bump on left is Cowl Mountain

Mt. Clemenceau

Mt. Shackleton

Tsar Mountain showed up.

Mt. Odell is a very obscured peak west of Tsar Mtn.

The west faces of Mt. Columbia and Mt. King Edward blend together

Icefalls on Mt. Shackleton

This is looking towards Brouillard Mountain north of Chaba Icefield

Mt. Chettan and Mt. Shipton also blend perfectly together

Looking south down into Irvine/Shakleton col

Apex Mountain on Chaba Icefield

Me on the summit of Mt. Irvine

Another shot of me on the summit of Mt. Irvine, with Mt. Shackleton behind

Me descending Mt. Irvine. Photo by Oakley W.