Phillips Ridge

August 28, 2017


Strathcona Park / Vancouver Island, BC

Phillips Ridge is better known as a high elevation plateau along the south approach to Golden Hinde. The highest point of this ridge has more than 300 meters of prominence plus the status of this name is official so I feel pretty safe to claim it as a separate summit. The confusion is where exactly the true summit is. To make sure we actually made to the highest point Adam and I decided to check off every single bump along the ridge. I’m pretty confident the central summit is the highest but the easternmost peak (which requires a detour with 100+ meters of gain) is very close. And since this is literally en route to Golden Hinde the approach and return is all written in my Golden Hinde’s trip report.

This is looking down into Burman River Valley

Adam approaching the central summit of Phillips Ridge

Panorama from the central summit of Phillips Ridge. Click to view large size.

Golden Hinde

Matchlee Mountain and Burman River Valley

Mariner Mountain behind Mt. Myra

This is one of the few tarns on the easternmost summit

Panorama from the eastern summit of Phillips Ridge. Click to view large size.

Looking back shows a review shot of the Phillips Ridge traverse

Alexandra Peak

Me on the (easternmost) summit of Phillips Ridge