Cerro Tlachichihuatzi

December 27, 2018


Tlaxcala State, Mexico

Cerro Tlachichihuatzi is rather just a bump on the north ridge of La Malinche. It doesn’t have enough prominence to qualify as a separate summit but it does boast a steep profile that attracts peak-baggers like myself. In fact, I found most of these volcanic sub-summits involve more interesting climbing than the main massif. The standard route on Tlachichihuatzi is via south ridge from La Malinche saddle and involves some 3rd class scrambling with route-finding. Because this is overall just a sub-summit the entire trip report is written under the page of Volcan La Malinche.

Tlachichihuatzi from the saddle with La Malinche

This first part of the ridge was bypassed on the west side

After regaining the ridge the view’s better more expansive

This is a northwestern view

Me studying the scrambling section ahead. Photo by Lily Q.

Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl dominating the western skyline

Lily scrambling the 3rd class step

Higher up on the ridge.

Looking back at La Malinche

Pico de Orizaba and Sierra Negra

Me on the summit of Cerro Tlachichihuatzi

Traversing to another summit that seems to have the same height.

Me descending that tricky spot. Photo by Lily Q.

Bypassing the first ridge section regain La Malinche saddle