Indian Peak (TX)

March 18, 2017


El Paso, TX

Indian Peak is a seldom ascended peak despite its easy status for some reasons. First of all it is overshadowed by the nearby North Franklin Mountain – highest in the Franklin Mountains of western Texas. Most hikers are only interested in North Franklin Mountain and it’s only the peak-baggers that actually bother to consider this insignificant and somewhat overshadowed Indian Peak. More importantly, this peak is located inside the U.S. Army land therefore it’s technically out of reach. For that reason I won’t elaborate on the route information although there’s only one that makes sense. The approach is written in the trip report of North Franklin Mountain.

Indian Peak and North Franklin Mountain

For obvious reasons my primary objective was also North Franklin Mountain but since Indian Peak is right there I had to bag it. I took a short-cut at somewhere below the IP/NFM saddle and missed an important sign (which I discovered on the way down). Getting to the summit was an easy off-trail travel with only a few hands-on moves.

This is the true summit of Indian Peak from the first bump

A look from the saddle between the first peak and the true summit.

Some typical type of off-trail on this ascent.

The final push towards the summit was steep at places

Summit Panorama from Indian Peak. Click to view large size.

This summit offers expansive vistas towards the city of El Paso

South Franklin Mountain and other peaks in this range.

Anthonys Nose to the north which is the second highest in Franklin Mtns.

Looking over an outlier towards the area NE of El Paso

This is zooming-in looking south into the city of Juarez, Mexico

An interesting outlier on North Franklin Mountain

A wide view of North Franklin Mountain

Another look at North Franklin Mountain. The route comes from right.

Me on the summit of Indian Peak

Starting to go down now. Looking at Anthonys Nose.

This is looking at South Franklin Mountain from partway down.