Cerro Azoguini (Puno, Peru)

July 12, 2022


Puno / Lake Titicaca, Perú

Co. Azoguini is a small hill rising immediately above the city of Puno next to Lake Titicaca. From the city this hill appears rather prominent but in fact, the rise above the nearest saddle to taller ground is only about 50 m, so this is a very insignificant bump after all. Lily and I made the spontaneous decision to hike this bump after deciding to spend a few days exploring Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world at 3812 m. The original plan was to ascend Chopicalqui but Alpamayo had already taken everything out of us, so now with zero energy reserve we must find something more touristy. The first choice was Machu Picchu but the tickets were sold out months ahead. Lily then suggested Lake Titicaca. I briefly looked at the maps and made an instant agreement. What I cared was whether there are hills near, or inside the lake to bag and the answer was yes.

We made the decision while having breakfast on July 11th and immediately went to sort out the logistics. We firstly booked a night bus from Huaraz to Lima using Cruz del Sur. The price was not the cheapest but this is one of the largest bus companies in the country and I liked to have some extra safety margin. I slept most of the way through the ride and we made to Lima at 5 am on July 12th. We then took a taxi to the airport and flew to Juliaca, where we took a colectivo to the city of Puno. The first thing we did was to check into the hotel and have the next few days’ tour booked, and then we went out to hike this little hill. I insisted we must bag this peak since it’s right there, and Lily reluctantly agreed to come together. I assured the view would be nice up there…

Flying from Lima to Juliaca over vast desert landscape
Lily at Juliaca airport. This is a small place..
Cerro Azoguini hike above Puno. GPX DL

The hill was right above the city so we didn’t really need to take a taxi. We actually wanted to walk to explore more of the area. The crux was to get to the actual trail as we must walk past several aggressively large dogs. I was already bitten by one dog in Huaraz at the start of this trip so I was extremely nervous about them. I had a hiking pole with me to be used as a stick to beat the dogs. Thankfully this time they only barked on us but that was scary enough at times. Once we joined the trail the ascent to the summit was a cruise sail. The view looking back down onto the lake was good, but the summit itself was rather a garbage dump. Talking about dumpster diving, this is the exact definition…

Mandatory ice cream in Puno
Starting our walk from Puno towards Co. Azoguini
One of the many dogs we passed
This dog gave me a surprised bark from behind. Scary…
We were already most of the way up now
Me taking a rest break
Me with Puno and Lake Titicaca behind
Me getting off this Insta rock. This wasn’t on the summit.
Someone brought his mountain bike up there…
Now me on the summit of Co. Azoguini
Looking north from the summit we could see thunderstorm cells
The city of Puno from the summit of Co. Azoguini
Lily on the summit with Puno behind

After walking down the hill and nervously through the zone of dogs we were back into the city. Now Lily was high on motivation and wanted to walk all the way to the lake shore. I wasn’t keen, but reluctantly agreed since there wasn’t really anything else worth doing. This was a good decision as the view from the lake at sunset was superb. We then took a taxi back to the hotel and went for dinner.

Lily now on her way down. The view was not disappointing
Fast forward. We were already down to the lake shore now
The lake’s quite colourful in the evening hour
Just some touristy shots from the lake
Lots of boats parked. One of them would take us to Isla Amantani tomorrow
Colourful boats and the colourful sunset horizon
Lily taking in the views
Lily posing for a shot before turning around to get back into the city
Back to near our hotel at dusk
Puno at night was very beautiful. This city felt much more touristy than Huaraz
Exploring the streets again to find a restaurant
Good meal but a bit too much for us…