Cerro Botella Azul

March 23, 2022


Baja California, Mexico

Cerro Botella Azul (Blue Bottle Peak in English) is significantly overshadowed by the taller neighbour, Picacho del Diablo but in fact it’s only 150 m lower in elevation. This peak is significantly easier than Picacho del Diablo with no technical difficulty whatsoever and also a much-shorter approach. For hikers without backpacking experience this peak serves as a fine destination, but for those aiming to climb the main peak, taggin’ Cerro Botella Azul is a mere add-on to the approach or the egress day. The full story is written in Picacho del Diablo’s trip report. The ascent of this add-on summit only requires over 50 m elevation gain from “Blue Bottle Col” and is mostly on a path.

Picacho del Diablo and Cerro Botella Azul standard route. GPX DL
Arthur arriving at Blue Bottle Col, about 80 m under the summit of Botella Azul
Doug plodding up the path on Cerro Botella Azul
Summit Panorama from Cerro Botella Azul. Click to view large size.
The southern view into more rugged summits in foreground
The observatory is somewhere on the gentler hills on the left
“Scout Peak” in foreground. It doesn’t boasts over 100 m prom. so we didn’t bother.
A cool wooden plate on the summit
Me on the summit of Cerro Botella Azul
Picacho del Diablo viewed from the summit of Co. Botella Azul
The eastern view into the desert flats and Sea of Cortez far in the distance