Mount Jeffrey

November 27, 2022


Vancouver Island, BC

Mt. Jeffrey is one of the lowly but officially named pimples near Malahat Summit on the southern Vancouver Island. This whole area is riddled with hills with names so can be a peakbaggers’ paradise in the “down season”. I had noticed Mt. Jeffrey by browsing the maps but I wouldn’t take the ferry to the island just to do these little ones. Instead, Nikita, Phil and I pulled the spontaneous trigger after finishing Mt. Landale earlier in the day. That hike turned out to be shorter than anticipated so we wanted to bag another peak to maximize our time spent on the island. It’s overall not a cheap trip to get here as the ferry itself costs over 120 dollars each way for three people.

Mt. Jeffrey via south side roads. GPX DL

I had been to this area previous to bike up Mt. Wood but this time we aimed for the smaller/shorter neighbour. The character is pretty much similar as we just needed to follow the (gated) FSRs all the way to the summit. I had my fatbike while the others would walk and the round trip distance seems to be around 5 km. The first half of the ride was quite simple but a couple junctions later the road had become increasingly steep and rough such that riding the bike was no longer practical. I knew I could handle intermediate level mountain biking trails so I decided to push the bike as long as I felt comfortable about the descent. There were a few zones that worried me but overall I determined that I could ride the way down without much of a problem. The final stretch was basically a trail instead of a road but I did push the bike all the way to the summit. There’s actually some views from the top so this wasn’t as dumpster-ish as I thought.

A closed gate? No problem with a bike…
Phil and Nikita had to walk unfortunately
Phil taking his turn to try out the uphill biking
Nikita trying to pedal for a short distance
The road’s starting to become less and less of a road…
Nikita coming up an open area. Note the fire smokes behind
Nikita plodding up the south ridge “road” on Mt. Jeffrey
It’s very steep and rough…
Traversing towards the true summit
View westwards from the summit of Mt. Jeffrey
Nikita on the summit of Mt. Jeffrey
Me and my bike on the summit of Mt. Jeffrey
Our group shot on the summit of Mt. Jeffrey
Phil and Nikita with the broad and wooded Mt. Wood behind

After taking in enough of the views we had to face the descent. The upper route was definitely challenging for my limited biking experience. I really took my time and even got off the bike a few times to avoid taking the jumps. Lower down the terrain became simpler and I started to become much faster than the hikers. Instead of riding my own way back to the truck I offered Phil to take the bike. Hhopefully he liked it and will plan to spend some $$$ to purchase a proper bike. I, on the other hand, leisurely walked the final 2 km back together with Nikita. We then drove north back to Duke Point to aim for that 5:45 pm ferry ride. I underestimated the Sunday traffics but we did manage to squeeze onto the boat, barely though by taking obviously the last possible spot on the line.

Me starting the descent..
As typical as the “road” was.
Bypassing the gate at the end of the trip.