Mystery Peak

August 2, 2009


North Shore Mountains, BC

Mystery Peak is one of the sub peaks on the lower slopes of Mount Seymour. A chairlift brings skiers directly from parking lot to its summit in winter. In summer, one needs to hike up the open ski slopes to the top. To this date I had been up here at least three times. The first time on a hot summer day in my high school days. Then in November 2018 I came here again with a group of non-hiking friends and finally in May 2021 I came here again with Wendy M. en route to “De Pencier Bluff”. This is among the easiest and shortest summits on Mt. Seymour’s slopes but also one of the most boring from any perspective. In addition to these I also made the summit of this peak at least one more time on skis but I do not remember the exact date. I went there to train for skiing on a dreary day.

Mystery Peak hiking route. GPX DL

The first time I bagged this peak by accident. After arriving at the Seymour parking lot, my parents and I decided to check out Goldie Lake trail. That cost us time and energy. And then, on the way up Mount Seymour, we decided to take a longer route via Mystery Lake. The lake itself was beautiful in the morning only if the bugs were gone. Passing the Lake, we lost the trail and ended up hiking straight up ski runs towards the top of a chairlift that we later knew it being the summit of Mystery Peak. It was such a smoky day and we couldn’t get much view down towards Vancouver. 

Me with Goldie Lake behind
Me with Goldie Lake behind
Mystery Lake
Mystery Lake
It was such a hot day...
It was such a hot day…
The other side, showing some mountains
Crown Mountain et al. seem from the summit of Mystery Peak

On the second time I simply walked up the ski resort runs on a late fall day with friends from White Rock. It was more of day for social. The friends requested an “easy hike with decent views but not with a ton of people” and this seemed to fit the requirements well.

Me trying to climb up a structure on the summit
We stayed on the summit long enough to wait for a mediocre sunset

The third time I hiked up here the main objective was “De Pencier Bluff”. I was not planning to redo Mystery Peak but Wendy wanted it since it’s literally right there with hardly any extra elevation gain. I was glad we came here again as we did get some decent photos.

A spring time view of that summit structure
Wendy on the summit of Mystery Peak posing for a shot
Me on the summit of Mystery Peak

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