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About Me

Posted: March 3, 2013 in News

I’m not a huge fan of presenting too much of myself beyond the scope of climbing so I’m keeping my bio short. But here are some facts about me.


  • sometimes I go with “H-Steven SONG” to distinguish myself from the many same-names. 
  • Born in China in 1993.
  • Immigrated to Canada in 2008.
  • Lived in Vancouver 2008-2011, then Edmonton 2011-2015, and now back to Vancouver.
  • Languages use in life: Chinese Mandarin ~60%, English ~40%… 

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Instagram: steven_peakbagging


DISCLAIMER: I am NOT your “Mr. Safety” out there in the mountains and I need NOT have to explain my various “non-textbook” type of decisions in my trip reports. You have to be honest to your own risk/reward kind of thing and be sure to apply your own knowledge, formulate your own approach and know your own limitations. Here I take absolutely no responsibility of inaccuracy in the descriptions nor the unsafe practices of mine if you run into trouble using my trip reports as references.