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Born in China in 1993.

Immigrated to Canada in 2008.

Lived in Vancouver 2008-2011, then Edmonton 2011-2015, and now back to Vancouver

2022: Link to Recent

  • Alpamayo and Yanapaccha in Peru
  • Chimborazo, Iliniza Sur, Cayambe etc. in Ecuador
  • 3 of the 10 hardest in WA – West Fury, Johannesburg, Burgundy Spire
  • First ascent of west face of Lick of Flame (5.8)
  • Hardest in Kane’s 3rd edition in Rockies – Robertson and Chancellor
  • 3 ultras in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula
  • Major road trip to NV, AZ, CA deserts

2021 Summary:

  • Mostly cooped in SW BC due to the pandemic
  • Phyllis’ Engine (5.9+)
  • Rockies – Mt. Louis and Mt. Birdwood
  • New Route on Robertson Peak
  • Most amount of peaks bagged – about 190
  • 2021 Archive

2020 Summary:

  • First time in South America – climbed 5 ultras over 6000 m, including Ojos del Salado, second highest in South America
  • Finished the 11,000ers list 58/58 on Lyell IV
  • 10-day traverse across Clendinning Range in South Coast, ascents of Tinniswood and Boardman
  • Judge Howay
  • Bagging the 1000th peaks, at time only 27 years old
  • 2020 Archive

2019 Summary:

  • 2-week Expedition to Labrador Arctic – Mt. Caubvick with 160+ km packraft descent
  • Palisade Traverse in the Sierras
  • Clemenceau/Tusk heli camp
  • Slesse via SW Route
  • Classic climbs in WA – Forbidden, Liberty Bell etc.
  • Cleveland and Stimson – highest and second highest in GNP, MT
  • 2019 Archive

2018 Summary:

  • Mt. Fairweather success in Alaska
  • A few more important 11,000ers – Goodsirs, Helmet, Tsar etc.
  • Lincoln Peak in Washington – probably the scariest snow climb I’ve done
  • Jack via Nohokomeen Headwall
  • Chilliwack Bulgers slam including Hard Mox
  • Tantalus Traverse
  • First trip to 5000+m – Pico de Orizaba and Iztaccihuatl in Mexico
  • 2018 Archive

2017 Summary:

  • Mt. Alberta via Japenese Route – hardest 11,000er
  • Mt. Robson via Kain Face
  • Persuasion of more difficult 11,000ers – Deltaform, Whitehorn, Hungabee etc.
  • First major road trip to US SW deserts – 40+ peaks in 18 days, all solo
  • 150+ peaks bagged
  • 2017 Archive

2016 Summary:

  • Atwell Peak – one of the scariest in SW BC
  • Mt. Fee North Tower via North Face
  • Ticking off SW BC classics – Garibaldi, Wedge, Matier, Joffre, Rexford etc..
  • Mt. Rainier – first peak over 4000 m
  • 2016 Archive

2015 Summary:

  • Moved from Edmonton, Alberta to Vancouver, BC
  • Cleaned up Columbia Icefield
  • The bulk part of the 11,000ers bagged in this year – over 20 of them, including Bryce and Twins Tower.
  • Exploratory ascent of Simon Peak/Mt. Fraser
  • Immediately ticking off SW BC classics – Lions, Sky Pilot, Habrich, Mamquam etc.
  • 10-day ski trip to Lizzie Creek Cabin with 15+ peaks bagged
  • 2015 Archive

2014 Summary:

  • First time to the Bugaboos with ascents of Bugaboo Spire and Pigeon Spire
  • Sir Donald via NW Ridge
  • Wapta Icefield difficult peaks – Balfour, Ayesha, Collie etc. ski mountaineering
  • FRA of Ghita – 25 h single push in -30C temp.
  • 2014 Archive

2013 Summary:

  • Turned 20 years old…
  • Assiniboine and Edith Cavell
  • Starting the 11,000ers game with 9 down
  • More Difficult Scrambles – Chephren, Old Goat etc.
  • 2013 Archive

2012 Summary:

  • From newbie to hardest scrambles in Kane List – Smuts and Northover
  • Lots and lots of scrambles with 120+ peaks bagged
  • 2012 Archive

2011 Summary:

  • First ever scramble on Cirque Peak in Rockies in July
  • Mt. Temple
  • Serious peak-bagging started in December when I was 18 years old
  • 2009-2011 Archive
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DISCLAIMER: I am NOT your “Mr. Safety” out there in the mountains and I need NOT have to explain my various “non-textbook” type of decisions in my trip reports. You have to be honest to your own risk/reward kind of thing and be sure to apply your own knowledge, formulate your own approach and know your own limitations. Here I take absolutely no responsibility of inaccuracy in the descriptions nor the unsafe practices of mine if you run into trouble using my trip reports as references.