Writing trip reports and processing photos can take a lot of time and I have to give lots of credit to these guys. My inspiration comes from them and in fact, most of my climbing partners are web authors as well. Below are the websites that I regular use as a reference. There’re many more great sites and I’m not listing them all.

SW BC (Coast Mountains):




Interior BC:


Canadian Rockies:

  1. dan says:

    awesome site – great beta amigo – thank you!! keep tappin those summits – inspired!

  2. Marina Striker says:

    Awesome trail reports! Very muchly enjoying all the info and pics on the various hikes and summits!

  3. Emilie says:

    I just discovered your blog, amazing treks! What brand of snowshoes do you use? Do you have different pairs for flat vs. steep terrain? Do you carry avalanche gear – if yes, what do you carry?

    • Steven Song says:

      Re snowshoes: I’ve one pair of Lightning Ascents 25′ and another pair of Lightning Ascents 30′. The 30′ are essential in the deep winter powder but in spring or fall I use the 25′. They are the best brand and awesome for the steeps. I’ve once worn snowshoes straight up the North Face of Mt. Joffre for a good measure.
      Re avalanche gear:
      If I go out with folks who also have gears then sure, just the standard package (PIEPS beacon, probe and shovel). I don’t have the airbag. If I go solo then I don’t carry any fancy gears, just light and fast. Judge the terrain and make decisions so you don’t start an avalanche at the first place.

  4. fff says:


  5. bcmtnman says:

    Hey Steven, I just realized you linked to my site here! Cheers!

  6. Hey Steven, do you have a Google map with all the peaks you’ve done shown geographically?

  7. averywear says:

    Thanks for all these lovely and useful trip reports. I hope to day solo Mount Olympus, and was heartened to see that you didn’t need to rope up on the Blue Glacier. How would you decide whether is was safe to cross the Glacier unroped? Is it just time of year?

    • Steven Song says:

      Hey, I wouldn’t say it’s “safe” to cross that glacier unroped at any time of a year. There were factors that reduced the risk such that there were previous parties tracks, the snow had undergone freezing, and I did have a lot of experience leading across glaciers (which could reduce the chance of falling in based on my reading of the terrain), but without a rope we took an elevated level of risk no matter what.. At the time being, we accepted that risk. The only exception is when you walk on dry ice on a glacier (that, you don’t need a rope)..

      • averywear says:

        Thanks Steven, that’s helpful to know. I will avoid crossing unroped unless I am with an experienced person who knows better than me.

  8. Will says:

    Your site is just pure awesome and a big inspiration for me to go bigger on my hikes and to learn a lot more about the world of mountain climbing.

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