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Posted: March 29, 2014 in News

Over the past five years I’ve been putting thousands of hours to develop this site and I’m super happy that it’s reaching out to many of you. However, I do have some concerns with the rapid advancing of internet and social media these days. I know the primary readers of this site are those seasoned peakbaggers, climbers and scramblers that share the same passion with me. It is not you guys that I’m concerning about. But…

A warning to beginners

As you may or may not have noticed the building blocks of this site/blog is trip reports, aka. the stories of mine. It is NOT an online guidebook and in fact, I have no intention to write an online guidebook. The main purpose here is to document in details of what I MYSELF have been doing in the mountains. And I can tell you right here that I’m far from the textbook type of person, not in the mountains, not in life in general.


Mountaineering has inherited risks. For once in a while you’ll hear even the professionals with 20+ years of experience get themselves into troubles. Knowledge and experience can lower the risks but cannot completely eliminate the risks… The reason is simple… Our technology to this date isn’t good enough to completely predict the snow, ice and rock’s physics… It’s about statistics and probabilities. So? If you want to be the most responsible guy on Earth then don’t proceed too far into this game. You don’t have to climb Mt. Robson to get the best view in the Rockies….. Just because I’m chasing those high-risk summits doesn’t mean you have to do the same.


Don’t tell me “scrambling” isn’t mountaineering. Personally I’m not a fan of the vagueness of this term “scrambling”. If you have to formulate plans and constantly evaluate and make decisions from the ever-changing observations for the sake reason of staying alive then you are mountaineering. Although with good timing and plans you should have very low probability of getting into trouble on a generally-accepted “scramble ascent”.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT the Mr. Safety out there in the mountains and I need NOT have to explain my various “non-textbook” type of decisions in my trip reports. You have to be honest to your own risk/reward kind of thing and be sure to apply your own knowledge, formulate your own approach and know your own limitations. Here I take absolutely no responsibility of inaccuracy in the descriptions nor the unsafe practices of mine if you run into trouble using my trip reports as references.

  1. I read your account of the Mount Bonnycastle ascent and circuit. In 10.5 hours – wow! I am so impressed with your photos and narrative. It sounds like you did it alone – true? The geography, judging by Toporama, and your photos of Barnes Lk, suggests an ancient volcanic cone that exploded away, maybe in the Triassic. Do you have any knowledge of the geology?
    Thanks for creating your website, I will be checking out more of your adventures in coming days.
    I am totally blown away by your “resume” !!
    John Thornton

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