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Posted: March 29, 2014 in News

My trip reports are written in the form of journal or diary and the main motivation is to document in details of what I myself have been doing in the mountains. I’m not intending to write an online guidebook to say what “you” should do, although some route descriptions can be easily inferred. WordPress provides such an easy platform. It allows folks with limited HTML knowledge to design and construct their own websites.

A bit of disclaimer here. Not all decisions of mine are necessarily the safest and I need NOT have to explain in my trip reports. Be honest to your own desire and be sure to apply your own knowledge and know your own limitations. Here I take no responsibility of inaccuracy in the descriptions nor the unsafe practices of mine if you run into trouble using my trip reports as references. Regarding GPX files, I’ve recently attached a whole bunch of tracks to my trip reports. However, I’m not intending to provide GPS tracks for all trips documented in this site, so if you don’t see a “GPX DL” link that means I either don’t have the track or just don’t want to share it in the public for this-or-that reasons. I trust that those who download and use my GPX files are smart enough to not follow them blindly.


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